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Wednesday, 05 August 2015 08:39

Are you flexible enough to bend or simply too rigid to bother?

We have become so accustomed to ‘talking at’ and ‘bombarding’ potential clients with loud advertising messages, we cannot hear the winds of change blowing around us. We are so entrenched in our ‘business as usual’ operandi, we keep ignoring the gale-force-wind warning signals…

Recently, we did a web-analysis for a company and they scored a dismal 1.9 out of 10 for website effectiveness. The companies’ retort was “You know we’ve been doing our electronic advertising and PR in-house for such a long time and it doesn’t matter anyway!”

In a different secenario we did a Google search for a particular company and the top search result was for that of their main opposition. The MD of the company ensured us “We will fix it quickly. In no time. No Problem!” – There in lies the danger of a plaster.

The main problem with old school thinking managers and owners is they have a philosophical issue. Simply put, they are in denial. Standing firm in traditional and old school thinking rather than moving with the digital winds of change.

If we move with the wind, we have more chance of succeeding. With less effort. The change required for success is slight, more of a mind shift, yet has the potential to massively impact the bottom line. Change your perception. Anticipate the direction of the wind and go with it.

In the new media era, advertising is not about selling, it’s about influencing. We no longer control the consumer, we cannot tell them they ‘need’ a cigarette to live a certain lifestyle. This nuance in thinking recognises consumers have the ability to identify thier own needs, make their own decisions and come looking for what they want. And when they do, you need to be present and be influencial. On all platforms. If they don’t find you when looking, they will simply move on and go to your more digital savvy competitor, who is present.

Stop thinking about the world from your persective and shift to your consumers head-space. Consumers make their own decisions, they search for solutions on their own terms, using their own words, on their own choice of platform.

You need to anticipate their needs, their words and their platform choice, to find you. Welcome to the world of Content Creation and Content Management. Once you understand this, you will understand how to address the winds of change and anticipate how to move with it… Start creating and diseminating content for your client, not for yourself. Regularly.

Do it well enough and often enough and your consumers will even help you build your influence with others. At no charge. And their endorsements are super powerful.

Be flexible, take up the challenge.

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