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“We know half our marketing programs are working – we’re just not sure which half.” Old Chinese Proverb

As new technologies roll out companies are inundated with new ideas, trends and developments. Marketing departments and business owners continue to invest in technology to drive customer relationships and media. But the questions still remain ‘what should I do? Am Idoing the right thing?’. What we know is we can no longer afford to market in silos, we need to adopt an integrated marketing strategy that delivers a return on investment.

It is important to note, ROI is not only the return my marketing campaign delivers but also how it measures the most successful parts of the campaign, and which combinations work best. To do this one needs to ensure the data integrates well, supporting multiple channels as well as cross-device marketing and advertising.
At Lahoud & Nieuwoudt we use a number of tools to deliver the right results and our expertise and business understanding to deliver the right analysis and insights because it's not just about the numbers.


From basic Google analytics to the best web analysis tools available, we use the latest technology available to deliver accurate and regular analytics to our clients. Marketers need to have access to the right information in order to produce even better results. Very often, the next great idea comes from within 
the data.

Return on Marketing Investment:

Cross channel solutions are only successful if there is complete understanding of the data, what the drivers are behind the data and an understanding of which combination of platforms are the most successful. So why is there a ROI revolution going in right now? This is because cross-channel solutions require cross-channel measurement tools. 
At Lahoud & Nieuwoudt we have accredited service providers and the latest software available to drive and research this process across different on and offline platforms.

Campaign & Brand Strategy:

Part Art. Part Science. At L&N we believe you need both an understanding of your prospective clients and the necessary tools in order to launch a successful campaign strategy. It would be our pleasure to participate in the customer journey with you

Change Management:

The digital era is here to stay. It is not coming, it is here already. And yes it can be daunting, the hill is steep and sometime we don’t even know where to begin… that’s okay, breathe. Then call us. L&N is here to assist in the transformation, to drive change behaviour and make the change process as smooth as possible.

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